The ABC of ICT
A cross-curricular guide to using ICT as a teaching and learning tool

Access the resources below using the topic titles, these should be the same as those used on ShowMyHomework


A quick video tutorial to demonstrate how to make a Hitler Morfo (with accompanying dodgy accent).

Sharing Good Practice

Below you will find some excellent examples from a range of staff members of there interpretation of how Morfo can best be applied to a classroom or flipped learning setting.  Please free to e-mail your own in to add to our growing library.

The Wise Old Dog - focusing on the bizarre or unusual. This is especially powerful when teacher momentarily leaves the room and students have to recall what the ‘Wise Old Dog’ said to them.

Another example of a dodgy German accent, but this video has proven memorable for students because it was personalised to their school.

This demonstrates how audio clips can be animated very simply to deliver content for a lesson.

Another example of bringing the dead alive... not sure about the message that he is delivering though!