The ABC of ICT
A cross-curricular guide to using ICT as a teaching and learning tool

This section of the website will track and discuss the theory and research that supports our teaching learning ideas.

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Pastoral Student Management System.
I have been using this spreadsheet across our school and college for five years now.  It allows me to share information and communicate in a formal way with my colleagues and Senior staff within school.  A modern School Management Systems is a fabulous resource that allows us to record achievements; behaviour logs; report to parents and share data or documents across the school.  However, it can be difficult to extract the relevant bits of data for a particular student when you are trying to establish patterns or as an overview when meeting with parents or guardians.  We have found that this tool has allowed staff in our school to do just that.  It has evolved over time and although basic, it has had a huge impact in the way that we gather and store information as well as feedback to parents.  It also allows me to print off the history of a child’s pastoral progress, intervention and achievement for Senior Staff should they look to meet with parents of move students on to other institutions. Excel_Resource_Library_files/Questions%20to%20prompt%20dialogue.pptx
If you have any thoughts on how this might work in your school setting or how it can be improved, please let me know. 

Instructions - download the zip file attached.  Unzip the file and save the entire folder to your storage area - you will need to duplicate this if you are using the model with more than one year group.  Add your list of students and tutor-group/house information before adding all of the relevant information in the columns.  The first time you input information onto a student’s log, add their name.  Don’t forget to save each log (Word document) after every entry.  Every incident is logged on a child’s document to create a fantastic record of their achievements and incidents.  My pastoral team meet on a 3-weekly cycle in order to update information and add any relevant information.
November, 2014

Download the zip file: click Pastoral Year or House Management
Teacher Planner
This tool came about because of my handwriting - not that it is messy or difficult to read, but it takes me ages to write things with a pen... but my typing is very fast.  Another bonus of this way of planning is that when lessons are repeated for other classes, they can simply be ‘copy and pasted’ rather than rewritten.  The quality of planning that I was submitting became evident at the end of an academic year when we reviewed our programmes of study and schemes of work, I could be very specific about what worked, and again could copy and paste my information into departmental documentation.  

I currently run Microsoft 365 on my iPad.  This is quite an expensive word processing option, but I get it for free.  It is included in our school software package so it could very well be included in yours... ask your Network Manager or ICT technicians to advise you.  The ability to run my planner on MS365 means that I can plan on the sports field or in the classroom and use the assessment resources (examples included in the spreadsheet) as I move around and speak with my students.Excel_Resource_Library_files/Teachers%20Digital%20Planner.xlsx

I have left all of the details of this teacher planner editable so feel free to chop and change the details that you require.  Please feel free to share your amended versions and I will post them on here for others to share. Excel_Resource_Library_files/Teachers%20Digital%20Planner_2.xlsx

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6 Team League
This is another useful, but basic tool that is utilised by a whole range of subject areas (not just PE) for group work and team activities - over a short or longer time period.  These are great motivating tools for mini-quizzes... 6 short quizzes in one lesson with scores compared against a different opposition for each quiz.Excel_Resource_Library_files/Teachers%20Digital%20Planner_3.xlsx